Millet-ry regime on!

by Shweta Thakur on Jan 23, 2023

Millet-ry regime on!

Do you know why we love millets?

They are super duper high in their nutrition. Most carbs simply add calories - but not this one.

Millets are rich in in fiber - both the soluble & insoluble ones. This makes them a great pre-biotic, which is basically food for the good gut bacteria to thrive. The more pre-biotic you feed them, the larger they get in their colonies - improving your overall digestive health.

The soluble fibers of millet clean up your cholesterol. They are like brooms to your arteries. They become gel-like in the tummy and can absorb cholesterol and take it out of your system.

They also have a lower GI than most starches. This means the body takes longer to break down millets and releases the sugar over a longer period of time. This helps control blood sugar spikes and also keeps you fuller for longer.

But there's another reason why India is gungho about millets. Millets are grown extensively in India. It requires very little irrigation to grow - making it very suitable for farming in arid regions. This helps farmers hugely. So there is a lot of government push for millets in the country right now.

So eat your millets. Get better health. Help out the farmers. And also reduce your water footprint.


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