Looking back at 2021

by Shweta Thakur on Dec 31, 2021

Looking back at 2021

2021 has been a tough year on many people. While we started it on a positive note, hoping that it would a year easier than 2020, perhaps it wasn't.

We were geared up for our business launch in Apr. A week into the launch, the second lockdown was announced. With no warning at all, we didn't just have to figure out how to run a grocery business, but how to run a grocery business in a lockdown.

Logic says it would have helped a grocery business to launch in lockdown since essential services were still on. However, wind back to the part that we were still just learning how to manage inventory, wastage, order fulfillment - and to top it up, we were having manpower issues, vehicles getting busted, people having trust issues with a new brand and more.

It wasn't easy but it wouldn't have been a startup if it was, right? We trudged through. We spent a fair bit on online spends, eating out of our bootstrapped budgets. But as the market opened up in Aug, we realised that a world awaits! Then started the beautiful journey of meeting customers, building a community, participating in events - and truly, that's been such a joy ever since.

We had organised flea markets earlier, but attending one had never been our forte. We had such little idea about how to go about a flea market that we carried a full truck load of inventory to the first one. When we couldn't fit it in, we had to send it all back! We actually carried grains and fnv to our first flea! Ofcourse, we have graduated ever since.

We hired and fired a few people who didn't quite fit in. Building a startup itself is hard work. And especially when you build a start up with such hard core value systems, you need a team that's aligned to the vision. We are super lucky to have found a part of that team by the end of the year. Trust me, people management for a grocery business is way different than managing agency designers (my erstwhile startup).

We are ending the year out in the market, geared up for raising some funds. The next year is all set for growth. In the 8 months of our operations, we have figured out what works, what doesn't and what we need to go going forth. In this journey, we need the support of our customers. We started this business to solve a problem - to offer conscious consumers the convenience of getting everything in one place and in one delivery. In the process, we ensure that we take care of all the hard work of making things sustainable, ensuring their health is protected and more. We really hope more of you will start your journey of conscious consumption with us in 2022.

And as for the last few words, I wouldn't have been able to go through with this year had it not been for the unwavering support from my partner Swaroop Mohan. Thank you to all the folks who believed in us and gave us support financially. Thank you to my furries who always love unconditionally, no matter how much time you get to spend with them. And thank you to my family for holding fort and giving me space to do something that takes up so much of my time. Nobody who loves you wants to see you work that hard, but I am so glad they all understand that we are on a mission - and we will stay put till we believe (or ofcourse, the money runs out).

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