Getting micro-nutrients from dals

by Shweta Thakur on Jan 09, 2023

Getting micro-nutrients from dals

Dals are known to be our protein source. But did you know that different dals have different micro-nutrients in them which are very essential for a healthy body? We handpicked some of our favourite dals basis the micros. Add them to your diet - perhaps pick a dal for everyday?

Green gram is a common dal in every South Indian kitchen. While it's best eaten sprouted but you could also make an easy sundal or our founders' favourite mallu pyrrr (yeah, we don't quite know how to spell it).

Organic Green Gram

Ok, no one notices horsegram on the shelf perhaps. But this dal is hyper nutritious. We often confuse it with whole masoor and end up cooking it like that!

Organic Horsegram

Masoor is an easy dal to grab. It has an incredible amount of folate - making it a great go-to for pregnant women. The iron in this dal is also amazing.

Organic Masoor Dal

Oh who doesn't love dal makhni? The very idea of eating it over and over for nutrition is exciting. And the fun part is that dal makhni is actually super easy to make without the makhan. It's actual a tomato based gravy that gives it the delish. But ok, let's focus on the nutrition :P

Organic Black Gram

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