Decluttering at Wildermart

by Shweta Thakur on Mar 16, 2023

Decluttering at Wildermart

Dear Readers

We promised at the beginning of the year that we are working on improving our efficiencies to give you a better customer experience. We have made a bunch of changes already - like the curation, navigatinon. Now the time has come to go into ops. We are re-organising our operations to give you faster, smoother deliveries. 

Additionally, we have also made a decision to focus on health as a domain. During our customer interactions, we realised that consumers today are looking for healthy foods & unable to discover & shop for verified brands easily. Hence, as a store, Wildermart is pivoting to becoming a health store. But more about that in the next blog! We will tell you what all to expect.

As of now, from the operations front, you will see the following changes roll out in the coming weeks:

  1. Exiting categories - Baby, pet, home & personal care are categories which we haven't been able to develop deeply. And as a health focused brand, some of these don't have a shelf in the store. However, we will bring back wellness in sometime.
  2. Fnv & bread Subscriptions - We have been speaking to our customers on subscriptions for the last one quarter. Categories of bread and organic fruits & veggies involve high value, high perishability products. As a result, it becomes challenging to manage it on an unplanned basis. We tried. But we know it will be more efficient and less wasteful if we could plan this out. And we will need your help for that.
  3. Faster deliveries - We will soon disclose more delivery slots than 1. This will reduce your order to delivery wait time from 1 day to a few hours. Wouldn't it be amazing to receive healthy food on demand?

If you are a frequent purchases of veggies or breads, our customer support team will reach out to you to discuss how to transition over the next couple of weeks. With a little planning, it's all easy peasy.

Small businesses have to try many things before they hit their aha! moment to know, deep within, that this is it. This is going to work. We have been struggling to find our aha! moment and I will tell you, it is now. Watch out for more things coming out of our small stable. They will surprise you!

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