Cold Pressed oils for healthy cooking

by Shweta Thakur on Jan 23, 2023

Cold Pressed oils for healthy cooking

Why choose cold pressed oils?

While we generally advise to lower your oil consumption in food, we do understand that for the Indian palate, it's easier said than done. Hence, we recommend the next best option - using a better quality oil - which can add more nutrition to the meal.

Cold pressing oils is a process to extract oils without applying heat. Traditionally, Indians made oils through old mills wherein humans or animals would churn oil through mills over hours to extract the oil. The nutrition of the seeds is retained since it is not subject to heat.

However, most modern mass oil extraction processes apply heat & chemicals to the seeds. The process of adding solvents into the process is not found to be very safe. These process adds chemicals to the oil - which then get ingested.

Cold pressed oils have higher content of antibiotics and oleic acid. This boost immunity and is a better source of vitamins and omega 3 & omega 6. And the best bit is that slow crushing of seeds releases better flavours in the oil.

Wildermart oils use organic seeds and then apply the natural process of cold pressed extraction. These oils are made by local farmers in and around Karnataka. And we bottle our oils in glass bottles - to reduce the packaging plastic waste. You can easily reuse these bottles or return them to us while we dispose off it sustainably.

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  • Sree Vidya
    Jan 29, 2023 at 17:49

    I need to order for 5 litres of ground nut oil. I’s it available.


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