5 zero-effort swaps to make everyday cooking healthier

by Shweta Thakur on Jan 08, 2023

5 zero-effort swaps to make everyday cooking healthier

Here are some small swaps you could do in your kitchen cabinet to make your everyday cooking a little healthier - and with 0 EFFORT.

1. Organic cold pressed oils - Cold pressed oils are made without using heat or chemicals in the oil extraction process. It retains the actual nutrients in the oilseeds. This makes it healthier than regular store-bought oils

2. Brown Sugar - White sugar is made by bleaching the raw sugar with chemicals. Sweetness wise, it is not too different. So if you can avoid chemicals by just switching to brown, why not?

3. Himalayan Pink Salt - This salt has a lot more minerals and micro-nutrients than regular table salt which makes it a preferred salt in every health-conscious household.

4. High fiber flours - Consider using jowar, bajra, emmer wheat, millet flours on some days of the week. These flours have much higher fiber content and 0 gluten. It will help soothe your bowel irritation. And you can look up a lot of regional recipes to discover things like jolada, rotti, ragi mudde, etc.

5. Millets - You could consider using millets as a substitute for rice. Just don't make rice one day, and use millets instead - pretty much the same way - or you could make it into pulao. They are much higher in fibers and not bleached & processed - giving your gut a nice restful meal.


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